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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


After nearly 2months I left London, my Uk experience, my life in another country ... I had to close properly this space on the internet which a friend one day created to me.
It has been long hard hours living and thinking as a girl who one day left her stable life to learn English and live a new experience in another country.
Certain is that I opened my eyes to my life in Spain. I saw what I wanted to change, what I didnt want anymore and what has the real value in my life.
Actually I felt a bit orphan of friends. My spanish friends are still here and I really aprecciate it, but after being use to have my Uk friends I have felt completely strange and out of place.
From that personal space I want to send a sincerous message to my colleagues, my people, my friends in London who have shared with me hard moments, parties, dinners, beers, personal confessions, tears, fears, moments of confussion, afternoons in the park, special silences and a lot of emotions that I cant express myself right now.
My decision to go to London was very accurate. I wanted to change something and definetely I changed myself.
Of course, one more time I want to have special and emotional words to who has done all of this much more easy even though being miles away. Xavi, thanks for all your support, your incondicional friendship, your love and patient, your uncontable calls, your energy and always hopeless, without you my experience never had been possible!

It has been a pleasure to share here my feelings and stories.
Since today Im going to start a new chapter in another blog with all Iam living in that part of the planet, leaving back my Uk experience but taking with me all I have learnt.

Good luck to everybody!


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